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How to POST in the form of dataURL?

dataURLの形式で生成されたgifをPOSTしたいのですが、400エラーが出てしまいます。。 何か解決策はありますか? 下手な英語ですいません、日本人です。

What is the limit per hour of API usage?

I couldn't find anywhere what is specific the limit of requests per hour of API.

Can this API be used through the browser?

I assumed that this API could work simply through the browser because of the sample link on your github page (https://api.gifs.com/media/import?source=https://zippy.gfycat.com/LimpingEveryHairstreak.webm&title=ClapClapClap). When I click on that link I get a 400 - Nil requests not allowed. Can you use this through the browser or is something else wrong?

Is it Possible to Make these GIFs responsive?

I'm trying to embed the iframe for one of your GIF's into a Shopify site. Here's the link: https://www.boldfacegear.com I cant't seem to make the div and the iframe responsive...? Any thoughts? Thanks, Steve

upload -lack of paramiter?

Hi. I see that the upload api has no time parameter, for example when a video is uploaded it can not be selected what part you want to make the gif. it was meant to do that? or just didn't considered?.

Deletion request

At first, I create that gif in anonymous. I want to delete that gif from site. https://j.gifs.com/kR32zE.gif Could you delete it?

Just wondering about adding text

I'm not the smartest guy in the world but I can't find a way to add text to video gifs with sound. Any advice? Thanks.

Can we get gif direct from youtube video ID

Hey, I want to integrate the api in my mailer can we get a direct gif link if i pass only youtube video ID. I am creating a mailer where i can't use js to api calls. Thanks

Traffic to a gif

How much traffic does a gif uploaded to your plattform bear?

How do I save the gif's to my camera roll?

I need to make an edit but don't know how to save it. I need help on this one.